Chely Schwartz


The Peter Pan Princess
by Chely Schwartz

The Peter Pan PrincessMimi Bennis was a happy girl living a sheltered life of privilege in 1950-1960'a Cuba. But her life was quickly turned upside down when Castro's regime comes calling and ceases her family's Tobacco Plantation. In order to protect her from the impending danger, her grandparents make arrangements to put her on one of the "Peter Pan" flights to Miami.

Before she realized what was happening, the life she once knew had disappeared. She finds herself living in a group camp in Hialeah, Florida, without any survival skills and unable to take care of herself. Shunned by her American father, she's left alone in a new country without family and without a friend. 

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Como decía mi Abuela: Dice el dicho........
by Chely Schwartz

Como decía mi AbuelaMi Abuela Graciela siempre tenía un “dicho” para todo. Este libro es para documentar las cosas que ella decía, y para recordarnos de aquellas cosas que nos hacían pensar y reír cuando estábamos creciendo. Y para la generación que viene atrás de nosotros, que no se olviden.

Chely Schwartz



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"The Adventures of Tandy The Teddy"

A series of stories told by a little brown Teddy bear that lives in a school classroom. Every Friday, Mrs. Macy, the teacher, picks one student to take Tandy home for the weekend. The stories are the adventures the children share with Tandy during their time together.

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Tandy The Teddy - Goes CampingTandy The Teddy - Birthday PartyTandy The Teddy - Visits The FirehouseTandy Loves Hallween
Tandy Loves Christmas
Tandy Goes To The AquariumTandy Goes To The Aquarium Coloring Book

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Mrs. Schwartz is available for readings to classrooms or libraries. Suggested ages: K through 3rd grades. Please fell free to contact Mrs. Schwartz directly by filling in the form on our Contact Us page.

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